Tune In

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Take time to tune in and nurture you. Fill up YOUR cup…

We can feel lost on life’s journey. Run down with expectations of who we think we “should” be, do and have. In a world of social influence, it is easy to lose touch of the REAL you. To feel unheard, not good enough or just stagnant with life.

Our Sister Gatherings are designed to reconnect you with your SOUL. What makes you beautifully YOU.

Connect with like minded women, share, learn, evolve. A beautiful event held every 6 weeks for you to find your tribe of soul sisters and feel into your vulnerability judgement free and in a safe space.

An immersive 2 hrs with Me and your Tribe of Sisters where we take time to truly Tune In to whats inside. 

These Gatherings are designed to connect you to your fellow sisters, to hold space for you to share, explore and redefine what is going on for you and what is holding you back from

1) Getting and achieving what you want

2) Experiencing and feeling 100% YOU

3) Living on purpose and feeling aligned and fulfilled

We give so much of ourselves to those around us, that for many of us, we begin to forget who we are, what our passions are, what we believe in and we allow self doubt and judgement take over. 

When we live life based on pleasing others first, making choices dependant on what others may think – we create space for Dis-ease. This shows up in many ways
- Emotional Eating 
- Toxic Relationships 
- Auto immune disease
- Weight gain 
- Inflammation 
- Depression 
- Anxiety 
- Pain and Injury 

The list is endless ...

Its time to Tune Into You and learn to explore, become aware, let go and reignite.

Each gathering will have a theme but will also be guided by what you need at the time.

Some of what we work on in these gatherings:

  • Self care techniques to help you tap into your inner wisdom, intuition and confidence

  • Journal-ling, breath-work, meditation, letting go rituals, timeline therapy, goal setting, visualisations, creative and artistic exercises

  • Reconnect you with your inner self to find, direction and purpose

  • Masculine and feminine energy - awareness and balancing the two for alignment

  • Group discussions and space to share and express

  • Live life coaching in a supportive group environment

  • Our Next Gathering Will Cover
    - To do this you will be using breathwork to tap into your inner wisdom and help you answer some hard questions such as Am I on the right path? Is what I am doing in alignment with who I am and what I stand for? Are the relationships I have serving me? How do I start living on MY terms and stop my environment/collegues/boss/partners dictate my happiness/choices

    - How to unlock your confidence to make what seem like hard decisions and have the strength to feel into what your heart desires.

    - We will be letting go of the things that are holding us back from true happiness and alignment. The things that have us doing what we think we should, acting in fear of what others think or with others interests before ours 

    There will be snacks, music and a comfy place for us to work on US!

    Be prepared for soulful sister connections and an empowering space to reveal YOU.